Many of Ramakrishna Math Projects are executed by a combination of monastics, volunteers, and staff. About 300 regular staff and volunteers serve the Math with dedication and devotion. The Math offers ample opportunity for people with an earnest desire for serving the poor and the needy. Such selfless service helps to attain great heights in both material and spiritual life. Voluntary service can be rendered in any of the multi-functional areas of one’s expertise. It could be work from home, within the Math precincts, or even outside the Math premises.

We require volunteers in the following departments:

1) Temple service
2) Museum
3) Office
4) Library
5) Book Stores
6) Magazines
7) Information Technology
a)  Website
b) eBooks
c) Media lab – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning/Deep Learning with Amazon AWS Sagemaker, Matlab, Mathematica, Mobile App Development with Ionic framework, Statistical analysis with Power BI, Alexa skill development, Embedded development with IoT Devices (Arduino, Raspberry PI, Snapdragon), Face recognition with Open CV, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Development.

You can contact our Math Office or directly send us an email to mail@chennaimath.org to offer your time and service. Please email a short resume for volunteer work related to Website, eBooks, Medialab.