Nursing Assistant Training

Free Training in one year Nursing Assistant Course to Rural Poor Girls
Villages constitute 72% of India and India cannot progress with the exclusion of these villages. Opportunities should be made available to our villagers, especially the rural young women, who are ‘the makers of future India’.

Nursing Assistant training was chosen for these rural girls, as the duration of this training is just a year and the scope for finding placement immediately after completion of the training is vast.

Driven by this ideal, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore, Chennai has been engaged for twenty years now, in imparting an “One Year free Nursing Assistant Course”, to the poor rural girls.

On receipt of the funds, co-ordinator of the Math’s Rural Service, will visit tiny villages in and around backward Districts/Taluks viz, Thiruvannamalai, Thiruvalloore, Vellore, Cuddalore Districts including Vilupuram, Vandavasi, Tindivanam, Maduranthakam, Chidambaram and explain to the poor farmers and their family members the need for their daughter’s training in this course. After convincing the parents of the prospective candidates as to how their daughters can meet the future challenges, a batch of 30 girls with XII standard qualifications from rural Government Schools only, is selected. In all candidates and their respective peasant fathers and mothers are brought to the Math, Mylapore. It is only after various features of the One year Nursing Assistant Course are explained to them in detail, that they are all finally admitted.

The training for these 30 girls starts in an hospital situated in Chennai. Lodging is provided on a different storey of the Hospital. Food is also made available in the premises.

Theory and practical classes are conducted daily with simultaneous allotment of day and night duties.

The daily classes include the following also:
      1. Anatomy and Physiology
      2. Disease and Immunity
      3. Common Infectious diseases
      4. Diseases of systems
      5. Pharmacology
      6. Microbiology and parasitology
      7. Food, Nutrition
      8. Nutritional disorders
      9. First Aid and
      10. Observation of the Sick and General care of the sick

Alongside theory classes, gradually these 30 Students are trained practically to administer injections, drips, bandaging, suture management, recording ECG, monitoring Pulse etc. and are familiarised with the names of different medicines.

In addition, they are deputed to some other hospitals also for rigorous exposure in I.C. Us (intensive Care Unit) and Operation Theatres. All these are followed by examinations.

With the steady growth in the number of hospitals in Chennai City and as most of the girls who studied four year Degree Course (B.Sc., Nursing) and 3½ of year Diploma in Nursing find placements in foreign countries (USA, UK etc.), there is a great demand for the girls, who have successfully undergone 1 year Nursing Assistant training.

This is followed by immediate placement in the Hospitals in Chennai City on a monthly remuneration of (minimum) ₹ 5500 – ₹ 6000

There is a bright possibility for all of them to earn not less than ₹ 8000 per month within the next two years.

Those who are industrious may hope to get even ₹ 10000 a month within 3 years or so.

In their personal lives they may not encounter any difficulties, worries, and sadness. Because they are employed, in future, their spouse also will respect them and treat with dignity.

After few years, they can educate their children in good Schools out of their (Nurses) income.

This is the way the poor women progress by sheer hard work. Just as during the training period, our Math Staff will periodically be visiting them to ensure that they don’t face any problems in their present hospitals.

It will not be an exaggeration to state that kind contribution of philanthropists will enable rural poor women to prosperous in their lives.

Our villages can grow only if similar services continue. Again, our country will grow only if our villages progress. If avenues exist, may kindly make it convenient to donate for one batch. It will make them stand on their legs.

For this noble service aimed at the upliftment of poor rural women, a sum of ₹7 lakh is required to train a batch of 30 poor rural girls.